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"IN DRAWC STORE we are all equal, everyone chooses how he would like to express himself.BASIC if RAINBOW - what collection is closer to your heart? Or maybe do a mix and show that you are open. "

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Arkadiusz Drawc - professional artist, designer, how others say - a man of many talents. I am not afraid of challenges. Every day I paint pictures, murals, photograph, film and design. I am a fan of minimalism and simple forms in art and, as you can see, also in fashion. My works are here in private collections in Poland, but also abroad.

As an artist, I have had many individual and collective exhibitions. Before I created a brand DRAWCI worked for Zara, Massimo Dutti Minus Trussardi, Victoria Secret, Reserved oraz Boss.

The turn of the years 2020/21 it was a time of change for me and it was a new beginning. I decided to face myself with a new challenge and create a recognizable artistic brand under your own name.

I am currently creating an innovative fashion concept DRAWC STORE. A completely different clothing brand, produced in Poland, in the spirit of sustainable development.

High quality and comfort in wearing are the basis of two collections BASIC i RAINBOW. Equality and freedom of choice arethe messageDRAWCSTORE.

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